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The Suitable Inheritor - Pushpendra Mehta What a romantic book is The Suitable Inheritor written by Pushpendra Mehta. I love everything of this book. From the softcover to the paper. This book cuddle, seriously cuddle the reader. And the cover is also emblematic with this lonely man lost looking at the immensity of the Pacific Ocean.Some birds are flying away and a key is waiting to open something...A door, a heart. Which is the key of happiness for each of us?

It was an age I didn't read, written by a man a so romantic book like this one is!
But The Suitable Inheritor is more than this.

Before to telling to you something more of this book, the story of this review must be told.

I haven't met Pushpendra Mehta thanks to Netgalley or Booksgosocial but this time through Goodreads. It was an age I didn't visit the site and I tried the giveaways. I joined various giveaways that warm summer day of July. Later I received an e-mail from Pushpendra. He said me: "You joined my giveaway. Maybe you will win a copy of my book, but in opposite case I want to send you anyway a copy of my book so that you can read it."

According to you did I win a copy of the book? In fact, the answer is correct: no, but Pushpendra maintained the promise, sent me a copy through Amazon and here I am.

I thank him immensely for this gift because he wrote a real jewel of beauty, love, friendship, good relationships, peace, understanding.

The book is very profound and it touches the most important nerves of our society little or big that it is: love and our most profound connections, physical and emotive ones with other people.

Who is Mike the main protagonist of this story? A relationship coach. One day, Andrew, the biggest one of this field living in Peru, asks to meet him to Lima, the capital. Mike lives in Chicago, USA.

"Why me?" asks to himself Mike.

And not because he doesn't have sufficient self-esteem but because substantially Andrew surely is in contact with this world and the other in the environment.

The meeting with Andrew is more a confession of his own life-story than a business talk after all.

Andrew confessed he was bewitched in a good sense by a wonderful lady called Dorothy and thanks to her he opened a magazine and became a great name in various fields becoming with the time the biggest relationship coach existing on the Planet. Dorothy his main inspiration.

"Pursue your passion, work with your intuition learn as a child and adapt as water" told once Dorothy to Andrew the first time she met him.

Mike fell in love for this woman while Andrew was speaking and when the final last message and meaning of this encounter clarified, Mike once returned to his hotel thought: "Lord, I must try to reach her."

But how?

Andrew had cut all bridges with her, because Dorothy once wanted to break with him any kind of collaboration and now Andrew didn't know where she lives. Dorothy not a lady who would have put posters in every corner of the streets.

But Mike is able to find her, and to spend with her a passionate night and to ask her to become his woman.

Dorothy can't, because her aura would have obscured the climbing for the final success of Mike and declines, going away. Mike is desperate, he cries, he is devastated, but later, at least he understands that this sacrifice is for a good cause.

He tells that he is in love for Dorothy to Andrew and he receives his blessing as well.

Once back to the USA, thanks to a lady called Meher of a publishing house, he become the first and most important relationship coach for young people as well.

And do you know the title of the most successful book? The Suitable Inheritor! It was like to read a book in another...book. A strange and magical sensation.

Success is great. This man so romantic, so compassionate, plenty of good heart, spiritual, in love with pleasures of life, discovers that anyway every night he is alone once he return home.

It's time for a promise...It's time to maintain that promise to Dorothy. It's time to search again for Dorothy and to become a real couple not just a dream.

During these years the relationship with Meher in the while become intense.
He loves her and she loves him. They love each other but they respect their feelings, because Meher knows that Dorothy is the woman chosen by Mike for spending the rest of his existence with.

A promise he did when he met her in Lima, Peru.

He is a romantic man and a man able to wait.

A suffering good-bye the one between Meher and Mike. Meher told him: "You wouldn't want to see me with another man if I would choose another man and vice versa." She can't work anymore for him and she wants to leave him. The sufferance of seeing him close to another woman, although absolutely exceptional is too much.

She prefers to return to India but who knows if Karma and USA again in her destiny?

Dorothy will find again a way. Dorothy will open another time the heart of Mike dissipating any kind of doubts and let him reach at least his total, wonderful happiness.

This book is a treasure, because it's not just a physical trip but a mental trip. An intimate trip and a trip I would add of various souls strongly connected forever.
And it is a great book for whoever want to learn more about relationships.
For once Love returns to be the main and important voice of a book, in a tender, exclusive, beautiful way.
What a magical romanticism.

Love exists, real love exists and this book wants to teach us that we mustn't lose the opportunity of experience happiness when we can.

I absolutely suggest this book to everyone.