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I love reading since I was very little. I love most genres, from romance to non-fiction, fiction, poetry, romance, historical, children's book, cookbook, craft books, creative books, self-help, psychology, sociology. I am eclectic because I love to learn everyday something new.

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Pollyanna - Eleanor H. Porter I read Pollyanna just two weeks ago. It was the first time. I needed a relaxing book, I needed I guess a children's book maybe.I found it adorable, and it is very powerful because there is again an element that I love so badly to meet in the books I prefer: the capacity of a community to changing thanks to someone else. In this case the someone else is Pollyanna. I always try to be happy and cheerful. Pollyanna had the ability to being happy and joyous in every circumnstances of her life, in the darkest moments too. Let's try to being like her! Perhaps our life will become more rich of beautiful events.
Anna Maria