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The Short Stack Cookbook: Ingredients That Speak Volumes

The Short Stack Cookbook: Ingredients That Speak Volumes - Nick Fauchald, Kaitlyn Goalen The Short Stack Cookbook - Ingredients That Speak Volumes - by Nick Fauchald and Kaitlyn Goalen is an enthusiastic cook book. It will be published this October by Abrams.
Fresh, smiling, sunny, brilliant, it will introduce the reader to a different way of eating and conceiving food.
A book born for a good cause and purpose.

The story of this cook book intrigued me a lot and it was told by the authors during the preface.

Nick Fauchald and Kaitlyn Goalen explained clearly that the net created a lot of confusion in terms of food and good food, altering also in this way the traditional American cuisine..

Firstly the authors tried various apple pies recipes, finding that most of the recipes on the net a real failure, but not just this: there was a complete change of tastes and habits - in term of food - in the American population during the decades and this one the most worrying part of the process of industrialization and richness of the nation. The net exasperated this new modality of buying, consuming and perceiving food by the Americans.

Bacon was everywhere, thanks to the net, explain the authors, when they say, the beauty of the bacon the typical American breakfast.

So, what it was necessary to do was to try to be clear and to make order in this big confused world plenty of messages, recipes, suggestions that is the net.

The message of this book is this: let's try to avoid confusion and let's re-start to eat the food we ate once. And maybe a best one.

The invite is simple but powerful according to my point of view.

The author wants to involve people in a movement that will start to keep people busy, searching for more healthy products to put on their table and their dishes, and most important, seasonal food, from the herbs to the fruit.

What it is crucial is not to abuse of the surplus of food we find in supermarkets and everywhere, preferring seasonal food and healthy ingredients of good quality.

Where to buy seasonal food? At the market, also at the supermarket or if you know some peasants close to the city, the best idea is this one.
Consider eggs bought in a farm and not at a supermarket. Surely the taste will be different.

Unfortunately the last decades Americans started to eat compulsively in fast-food, buying food that they can consume in few minutes, more cheap, fried in too many cases, and this unhealthy diet generated obesity, and wagons of other important illnesses associated with this condition.

So what to do for trying to re-start to think-food normally?

The authors tired of seeing what was going on...on the net, abandoned the web without too many compliments, starting to re-discover old magazines, newsmagazines, old cook books, where recipes were tasted, and where there was a different love from the editors and creators of these magazines, cook books and...dishes.
There was the purpose to give the best quality, suggestions and recipes to the people because these magazines, these cook books wanted to be remembered, wanted to be taken in consideration, and not just for a volatile moment but for decades.

These magazines, these books, treated like jewels from the American housewives, because helpful.
Food is not just introduction of ingredients in our body because we must feed the engine of our machine for going on: food means also memories, moments shared together, socialization.

It is a colored and joyous cook book this one by Nick Fauchald and Kaitlyn Goalen divided for sections and thematics and that go straight to the point.

Explanation of the ingredients first of all will interest the first page of each section with some personal consideration about the use.

There are great recipes in each section.
The authors played with sauces, giving a bitter-sweet taste at meat sometimes. I found it fascinating loving the maple syrup so badly.
Each part of the USA from the North to the South passing through the Native American dishes respected for sure.
Great considerations for some kind of veggies, fundamental in a good diet.

The cook book start with Apples, giving justice at the most beloved fruit of the USA :-) and then we find, Bacon, Brussels Sprouts, Butter, Cheddar, Eggs, Tomatoes, Greek Yogurt, Honey, Hot Chile Peppers, Kale, Lemons, Sourdough, Whole Chicken, and Winter Squash.

Apples taken in large consideration for delicious cakes and many other tasty dishes. I agree: in our family we are happy apples fanatics and we have various apple trees as well.

Bacon has always been a must and one of the most appreciated part of "poor" pork, cheddar is the softest cheese, the most versatile one for a quick snack, and the most economical.

Eggs are everywhere and can be used in every recipe. Eggs and bacon a classic, but eggs are everywhere. Sweet and salt dishes.

Tomatoes a joy for the eyes, the authors confess that they love to spend during the summer-time their time searching for bags of tomatoes at the market.

Greek Yogurt is a different kind of yogurt. Cleaned by all flavors is the most natural one.

Hot Chile Peppers when you want to add some spice to your life, and let's also mention Lemons, another versatile fruit, Chicken, so loved and desired by all Americans, Kale, Sourdough and Winter squash other ingredients truly attracting.

In each of these sections you will find tasty, wonderful recipes, accompanied by the great enthusiasm of the authors.

I suggest warmly suggest this book to everyone. We mustn't abuse of food, eating good seasonal food the first step for living a best and long healthiest life.

I thank NetGalley for this book!