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Foraged Flora: Found and Foraged Arrangements for Every Season

Foraged Flora: Found and Foraged Arrangements for Every Season - Louesa Roebuck, Sarah Lonsdale Louesa Roebuck, Sarah Lonsdale are the authors of Foraged Flora, a book that will be published by Ten Speed Press this October inspired at the beauty of flowers and plants in particular for composition of interiors for various events.

The author explained lived in Tokyo and in fact his Oriental touch is in most of the pictures I have seen of his creations in this book. Flowers composition sometimes pretty impressive, I searched for the word "Forager" a person in search of something. I am italian and it was necessary to me to try to understand the word.

Louesa, interesting stories, lots of trips and relatives located in various part of the USA lives in California and she admit that many are the flowers she choose for creating every time and why not? every month something new and stimulating for herself and her loved ones or her customers.

Month after month we will discover with her the best flowers and plants to pick up, and why, with precious and historical notes, anecdotes.

Nature is magical and every month permits to Louesa to picking up the best that nature can offer in term of flowers because every month specific flowers are blooming, diversified flowers ready for her for being used in her decorative creations.

Louesa started to fall in love for flowers and decorations developing a special passion since she was little and she continued to work in the sector thanks also to the help of other friends and a good staff from a life. A passion that in her case became a job. The perfect situation this one.

I found this book truly helpful, beauty and mainly interesting.
I didn't know all the diversity of flowers existing in California although I know that there are for sure different flowers and plants and animals as well completely different from the ones existing in Italy.

Foraged Flora is a book where you will find spiritual advice, some recipes as well and thanks to many interviews realized at the author wagons of explanation regarding the use of flowers and decorations.

Mainly it's a trip all around the most beautiful and real, wildest part of California for bringing home flowers. It's a continuous discovery of a land and nature pretty diversified thanks to its extension. California is a big State of the USA.

There is the story of an italian winery started in 1866 for example by mr Rossi at first. There are restaurants' stories of flowers' decorations that Louesa follow from a life.

There is this spasmodic research of wild places where to picking up the best flowers because it's impossible to do that close to big cities.

An important suggestion from the author: don't never use flowers or herbs or plants imported, but the one growing up in your territory. It's better for the environment and for everyone. It's this one a topic repeated various time by Louesa in the book.

Suggestions for Christmas and for creating a special corner remembering also the old tradition of Scandinavian and Celts.

Do you want to create a special place and do you want to do that with great taste? So go for this book! It's not important if you don't live in the USA but in another corner of the world. It can be Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Finland, Italy, France.
You will be sure, thanks to Louesa's wise words that you will recognize and pick up the best of the best (in term of flowers) for your special occasions.

I thank you Netgalley.com for the Kindle copy of the book and the publishing house Ten Speed Press.