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A Spiritual Journey

A Spiritual Journey - Susan Kapatoes A spiritual Journey I read thanks to netgalley.com she will share with her readers what she learnt from life and what she learnt through God, the Divine Source.

Susan Kapatoes received a bachelor degree in science of Nutrition at the Amherst, located in Massachusetts. She had clear and strong ideas since she was little.

She grew up she tells, in a Catholic family but at first she didn't believe in God. She also decided of giving up the Confirmation because she couldn't be sure that God existed and she didn't want to be false.

Someone later presented her a Bible and this Bible with other books always brought with her in the various localities where she was studying. The first episode let her think maybe God existed, at college and thanks to this Bible. In a moment of discomfort, she was alone in her bedroom, she asked something to God opening a casual page of the Bible. Most people like to do that and most people receive an answer from God.

Later Susan would have felt the presence of God or of some special "angels", people disappeared from her life and sent directly from Heaven for supporting and encouraging her in a lot of other occasions.

Susan thinks that each of us can start a privileged dialogue with God or the Divine Source, or our Superior Entity. It's better to be alone, without too much crowd or confusion.

And mainly she believes that the power of positive thinking can do miracles.

She experimented it thanks to some....potatoes and a wonderful harvest, much more abundant than the ones of the previous years.
She planted these potatoes with heart "balsaming them" with good vibrations.

We must be believers, tell us the author.
Good vibes, good things happens, and good chances can appear to us at the horizons if our approach is positive.
This one the first step for a better present and future.

Susan admits it's not simple to cleaning up our mind from negative thoughts but after all shouldn't be more simple to think positively than negatively?

If we are in a sort of dark spiral in which thoughts are negative, let's force to see the other side of this coin for healing our soul.

The book is rich of examples, poems Susan writes at God and other people she is affectionate at and love to post at the end of every chapter.

It's a fresh, quick, brief book but very felt, profound and positive

Mrs Kapatoes is a believer of biological agriculture without the utilization of chemical pesticides, a warrior like many others never tired to promote a better world and a real change.
For sure, a positive vibe for this Planet!