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Polka Dot File on the Robert F. Kennedy Killing: The Paris Peace Talks Connection

Polka Dot File on the Robert F. Kennedy Killing: The Paris Peace Talks Connection - Fernando Faura It was June 5th 1968, and the candidate chosen for running at the Presidential race for the democratic party Robert Francis Kennedy, brother of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy killed 5 years before on Nov 22 1963 while in visit at Dallas, Texas, was at the Ambassador Hotel of Los Angeles.

At a certain point the senator passed through the kitchen of the hotel, and he was shots with four bullets. One of them reached his head and killed the potential next president of the USA the day after, after a rush to the hospital, a delicate operation to the brain.
His conditions considered extremely critics from the beginning. The doctor operated him thought a miracle he survived so many hours after the operation considering the damage created by that bullet.

John Kennedy and his brother Bob: surely these two men if left alive would have changed the face of this world in a better way,when world more capacity and flexibility for a change.
There was in the world a different enthusiasm.

Fernando Faura, was at that time a reporter of "Hollywood citizens news" when the murder took place.

Immediately arrested Sirhan Sirhan, (still in jail in a Californian prison) a Palestinian close to communist visions. He was the one who, physically, killed the senator.

Sirhan, the only one convicted in this case.

But...Was there a conspiracy behind the killing of senator Kennedy? Or...Other people helped Sirhan Sirhan?

In the case of Robert Kennedy's assassination the key role of all this story represented by the so-called: girl in a polka-dot dress.

Immediately after the shots, this phantom, the girl in a polka-dot dress running cried: "We killed him." Serrano a Kennedy's collaborator asked who the hell they had killed and she replied before to vanishing from the scene: "Kennedy."

At first also the LAPD and FBI interested to find this girl that according to a witness was 26-27 years. Robert A.Houghton one of the chief detectives of the police it seems said: "That woman will haunt me for the rest of my life."

The author waited 45 years before to write this book: The Polka Dot File on the Robert F. Kennedy Killing published by Trine Day and where you can reads a lot of interviews realized with various witnesses in particular with a certain Fahey, who told to Faura, had met the girl in the polka-dot dress days before and she told him about something that would have happened to the senator.

Faura followed this story with great passion and after some days with two colleagues of Life. He also started a collaboration for Life, although the magazine decided at some point of turning down all this story.
Faura has never forgotten that months of investigations for trying to give a face and a real identity at this mysterious girl.

Beautiful! Real.

I thanks Netgalley.