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The Forest Feast Gatherings: Simple Vegetarian Menus from My Cabin in the Woods

The Forest Feast Gatherings: Simple Vegetarian Menus from My Cabin in the Woods - Erin Gleeson The Forest Feast Gatherings cover93872-medium - Simple vegetarian menus for hosting friends & Family by Erin Gleeson published this late September by Abrams Books is spectacular like also is spectacular the story of this book.

Erin starts to tell that in the past she lived with her husband in the East Coast but as it happens sometimes her husband changed work and they moved in the West. They bought this cabin close to Santa Cruz. Paradisiac place, wonderful views they started to invite friends in their cabin. Not only. being a photographer Erin opened a new blog where she told to everyone how wonderful was her life, sharing pictures and other anecdotes. Well, sometimes luck happens, someone noticed her blog and she signed the following year a contract for writing the first book about this experience.

The purpose of Erin in this new book is to explain how to cook and how to prepare in a wonderful way a perfect veggie menu, and also how to treat and cuddle all the people/guests invited at the event.

It can be a menu you want to share in a forest, or also in your house, there will always be beautiful suggestions for your table, your food, your guests and how to treat them well.

The most impressive, stunning part of this cook book are the pictures, the colored menus, the fantasy put on it. It is a visual book where you will be stunned, amazed by the beauty of these relaxing pictures, by the colors, by the wonderful environment and table-creations of Erin and her husband.

Many different menus... Do you search for a summer feast menu, a brunch, an iced tea party, a salad buffet, a spring feast, a wine&cheese party - and many more occasions for organize a feast? Or simply do you search for an inspiration?

You will find in any case the proper solutions, great recipes, wonderful ideas plenty of suggestions, paradisiac pictures, beautiful drawing all creations by the same author.

Excellent, inspired, it's a joy and a feast for eyes this book and it is true to add that it was created with immense love according to my point of view.

I strongly recommend you this book for sure.

I thank Netgalley and the publisher for this book.