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Compassion: Effortless Inspiration for a Happier Life

Compassion: Effortless Inspiration for a Happier Life - Dani DiPirro The new book Compassion by Dani DiPirro - it will be published next month on Oct 18th by Watkins - close to the other one, Forgiveness follows another special booklet, Gratitude, published months ago by the same publishing house.

I love these booklets by Dani DiPirro because in a few words is able to spread important messages of hope for the creation of a best society built with that real old values still too lacking at the moment.

Important feelings and sentiments, pillars of our society, gratitude, forgiveness...

This time the author treats the sentiment of Compassion, one of the most important one for a real mature society.

What is first of all compassion?
The mixture of two words specifies DiPirro: empathy and altruism. These two words mixed and combined together in a fusion creates compassion.

Compassion means understanding other people's "feeling" (empathy) their real sentiments, and then helping (altruism) for trying to sort out their problems where possible. Of course the attitude must be genuine.

In general compassionate people understand much better the world than not selfish people can do and they understand the dynamics of the world.

Thanks to numerous quotes of many important and known people from the past Dani DiPirro will comment the word compassion.

A fascinating trip this one in a land where there is serenity, understanding, and where all of us, all invited, can indulge for a while and re-start to love ourselves, giving up with self-criticism, being kind with our self and forgiving our character's lacks.

Compassion is an "universal" feeling and interest every kind of creatures of this universe, not just only other human beings and this is why it's very important and crucial for the world.
A best world is also built thanks to the beauty we are able to see in the world and the beauty we are able to project in the world with our goodness.

When we help other people and when we try to sort out talking, staying close to them their problems it's a great moment also for us for learning, says the author from their errors, from their mistakes.

It is possible to stay close to someone sending in case of illness, a difficult moment, cards. I can tell you for personal experience that it works. My Memphis aunt Bobbie has been very close to us during a moment of big discomfort and illness in our family and her cards were very appreciated because truly inspiring.
I proved the experience in my skin so go for this method. It's therapeutic.

Love, energy the best sentiments you can put in motion because necessary to your neighbor, to your friend in difficulty. Remember also to try to donate everyday or every week some of your precious time to others.

At the end of the booklet the final section: how to be compassionate at work, but also home, and other situations as well.

Another beautiful, felt book by Dani DiPirro.

For all of you!

Many thanks to Netgalley for this book!