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Natural Curiosity: Educating and Nurturing Our Children at Home

Natural Curiosity: Educating and Nurturing Our Children at Home - Lisa Carne, Alan Thomas What attracted me the most when I picked up Natural Curiosity written by Lisa Carne and published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers the main theme: keeping home children giving them the proper instruction by-passing school. The first books I read about this important thematic the ones of Lill Hawkins, American from Maine, who under a great funny perspective told us the various adventures lived with her two unschooling children.

Lisa Carne and her husband lives in a countryside and they can give to their two children all the possible freedom for discovering nature.
Technology as remarked by the author has created a sort of wall between children (not only) and nature and what in the past appeared as a normal interaction between all Creatures of God, at the moment natural environment is introduced them as a hostile ad not anymore friendly place.

It's important to return at a good relationship with nature says the author.

The first years of children peculiar for putting the base of their approach to life, nature, environment.

A good childhood spent at contact with nature in general gives best people, plenty of respect for nature, and more healthy under other aspects.

One of Lisa's children, the daughter, developed at 3 years arthritis and the author and her partner noticed that staying outside in company with wild and domestic animals, fox, sparrowhawks, helped her not only to discover the environment but also a better physical condition.

The arrival of school meant to the family the introduction of their children in a different environment where unfortunately as it happens most of the time nature, animals, wild or domestic ones not lived relaxingly, but with a lot of stress.

Although their school implemented certain programs for permitting to the children to staying at contact with nature, children where not set free to go where they wanted to go (maybe also for the responsibility felt by the teachers) expressing who they were and doing and discovering what they wanted to discover.

For this reason and for setting free their children from a land a constrictions and restrictions which sometimes can be school as a lot of other UK's families, Lisa and her husband decided to remove their children from school educating them home.

Their daughter healed from her illness.

The author tells that she is much more happy and joyous to spend in a best way her time at home and both these children appreciate a lot nature and all the other possible thematic as dinosaurs, life, learning in a natural and not oppressive way every possible topics, with people, their parents, who are giving them all the best in terms of education.

Thanks to netgalley.com for this great book.