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Becoming Abraham Lincoln The Coming of Age of Our Greatest President by Richard Kigel

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Becoming Abraham Lincoln The Coming of Age of Our Greatest President by Richard Kigel will be released tomorrow by Skyhorse Publishing.

Well, dear reader, if you have some children or teenagers around maybe not in great love for history I strongly suggest you to buying a copy of this book to them as well because their life will change forever reading this book. It is a great reading for them as well.

The captivating writing-style by Richard Kigel, a real story-teller for sure! is able to keep in fact everyone, adults and children interested and fascinated by what they will read.

With the help of the echos of the past and people who realistically and directly knew Abraham Lincoln starting from his law partner and friend Billy Herndon, the book is a fascinating story plenty of nice, funny, sweet anecdotes about Lincoln and his family that will bewitch you from the beginning to the end.

This biography is dedicated at the first years of life of President Lincoln.  The book interrupts the narration with the entrance in policy by Lincoln at the age of 25 and this marathon of joys and pains and sacrifices, and fights is so captivating that trust me when I can tell you that you won't never put down the book!

I am not so surprised Americans fell so fascinated by a man like Lincoln.

He experienced many important loss during his childhood, the one of the mom at just 9 years.

His life hasn't been simple but very poor at first although genuine, healthy, supported by good values and great virtues, he lived in a cabin with his family, changing constantly location in search for other works in the various States of the USA.
Surrounded by farm and wild animals he ate fruits and veggies of the land, drunk the milk of his cows, and lived connected not just with his mind but also with nature.

Wherever you will go, whatever you will become, you won't never forget your origins.

A story of big sacrifices, loss and renounces the life of Lincoln with a profound melancholic vein. He knew. Abraham Lincoln imagined what would have happened in his life, he had clear visions of a strange but sad future. He became a great and compassionate man, but also when he was little he was very cute, like when he donated a fish to a soldiers, because someone told him that people must be kind with soldiers and must help them. Growing up he was appreciated  by all his friends for his lovely character and helped when he fell depressed.

When he learned to write and read he became an avid reader.
A voracious reader. He interrupted to go to school at age 15 but this boy has read an entire library of books.
For sure.
Wherever he went he read.
Also while he was eating.
Classics, new books, fascinated by the immense culture of Benjamin Franklin.

This young Lincoln  is the most elegant and best example that a kid or a boy could try to emulate also during our times.

Strongly recommended.

I thank NetGalley and Skyhorse Publishing for this eBook!

Source: http://alfemminile.blogspot.it