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Enjoy Your Journey Find the treasure hidden in every day by Joyce Meyer


Enjoy your journey Find the treasure hidden in every day is the latest book by Joyce Meyer. It will be published by Faithwords on June 6.

We should always enjoy our journey on this Earth affirms clearly the writer. But how to do that? Sometimes it's not simple and the same Meyer experienced a big crisis, although later she decided for changing something in her life, putting behind her delusions and looking forward to the best of life.

The Bible speaks a lot of joy as a great sentiment that must be cultivated and communicated to the other ones.
And first of all we must stay positive, enjoying life, accepting Jesus in our life, and keeping our mind plenty of beautiful, grateful thoughts.

Living with simplicity, de-stressing our mind by the complications of life.

Meyer tells her history of abuse as synonime of insecurity in her life because "people insecure must impress others because they feel they are not very impressive just being who they are" writes in the book.

So growing up she worked a lot for trying to impress everyone but that one could be a problem. A problem to her. Because that one wasn't the best answer for all her anxieties but an extra-anxiety.

Praying is the answer like also discovering the Way of Lord. 

Talking of children Meyer affirms for sure that they believe what an adult tell them because they trust. The authority, the adult person.
It will be important once we grow up to preserve the child that it's in our own.

The abuses suffered by Meyer were mental, verbal, sexual and emotional. She grew up in a house where incest, alcoholism and violence the most common word pronounced.

But Meyer tried to escape this hell creating a workaholic girl avoiding the stress of meeting someone else.
But then God had other plans more relaxing and satisfying to her.

Meyer affirms that if people hurt us in the past we mustn't never put in discussion our relationship with God.

Meyer in the book speaks also of religion and the meaning of religion in our times.

And back to joy, she thinks we should use joy as a weapon against Satan and against negativity.

A lack of joy means give up, less enthusiasm for what we could do, for our projects.

And smile. Smile a lot. Laugh, because a happy heart is the best answer and  sunrays; let's also fight at the same time for preserving our joy. Abraham preserved a light heart.

Let's try to stay balanced, and let's give God time, without to want everything immediately, without to be too much suffocating regarding your relationship with your loved ones but mainly the first and most important message by Joyce Meyer: be happy and enjoy the journey!

I thank NetGalley and FaithWords for this e-book.

Anna MariaPolidori
Source: http://alfemminile.blogspot.it