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The Well by Marie Sexton


Obscurity, water, confusion, profundity, perdition.
A well is this one.
When I picked up this book I did it because there were all these elements.
I haven't been deluded.
The Well by Marie Sexton is a very interesting quick, dynamic thriller.
The story starts twelve years before, when a group of teenagers decides to spend a night, séance included in the notorious abandoned Gustafson's house, where in the past died tragically two people: Cassie Kennedy and later, because of suicide Joseph Gustanfson the oldest son of the Gustafsons.

No one lives in the house anymore but the house is known for being haunted.

The atmosphere is different close to this house, there is a lack of peace, there is a lack of harmony, there is a lack of life and this group of teenagers, with their own troubles and problematic can feel and taste it.

It was an adventure. An adrenalinic experience, but nothing more to them.

Elise the cousin of Haven one of the protagonists of the book now a writer of paranormal fiction the most exciting one for this unusual experience.

She was the one attracted by Gothic, the one who was searching for these kind of experiences.

She also seemed to know a lot of things about this house, (a lot of lies) and a lot of secrets, but it's when the séance is going on that there is a big change of all the events that will follow.

During the trance, asking for the ghosts of the house, Cassie in Elise's body (completely transformed) will talk to them of a well close to the house with bodies buried there...

Elise, Jordan Craig, Pierce, Haven, Linsey will search for this well, but at the end of this adventure what happened? Elise and two of the other boys missing.

Thinking that, it was night, they were somewhere and they would have returned later everyone decided for some rest.

Pity that no one found Elise anymore.
Not the day after, and not the day after tomorrow.
Exactly as the ghosts she loved so badly.

Police, alerted when the girl the day after didn't return for dinner. It was a crucifixion of searches, interrogatories, suspects.

The body of the girl never found, Haven thinks she is dead and buried who knows where.

Twelve years after this terrible and sad fact, Pierce and Jordan the authors and producers of Paranormal Hunters, are back in their town. They learned that some children playing in the haunted house of the Gustafsons spotted two female ghosts. Cassie and Elise maybe?

They could be skeptical but the purpose more than clear: to close this circle, to give at least a name and last name at the killer of Elise, hoping also to find Elise's body; to write the word end at this story for finding their own peace.

Pierce has been the great love of Haven and he contacts him as he does for the rest of the ex teenagers involved in the evening of terror at the haunted house.

What these three "investigators", will discover will be shocking.

This book is quick but intense. Penetrating although altruistic, very sweet and fresh, tender and genuine.

Thematics treated are the most diversified ones, and the typical ones of teenagers. Discovery of sexuality, the book will also treat very freshly the discovery of homosexuality, trouble of various genre. We will discover what happened to Elise sentimentally but also many other sad and happy realities for the other protagonists.

I absolutely loved the end of the book! I don't know why but I would have done the same. Bravo Haven!

A house able to change also in better the destiny of so many people, because at the end these men lived thanks to these professions "inspired" by the facts of that night of twelve years before, is blessed.

Blessed by the sunny, positive character of a special guardian angel: Elise.

I thank NetGalley and Marie Sexton for this eBook.

Anna Maria Polidori 
Source: http://alfemminile.blogspot.it