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Soul Music Discover your personal type so YOU can lead a life of happiness and success by Awen Finn

Awen Finn is a hurricane of joy and she has been able to transform her life in a gift for many other people in difficulty. I had review time ago her wonderful wonderful book: How to beat Criticism and Feel Good. Awen is back now with Soul Music Discover your personal type so YOU can lead a life of happiness and success.
 In the book you will find many singers or band's from The Police to the U2, passing from John Lennon or the Foo Fighters, with many songs explained in detail. Your favorite song will define your character


Movies of course but first of all songs are able to speak directly to our soul.
Songs are the soundtrack of all our life. When you will discover your favorite song you can also understand much better your character and your can build a most successful life  because you will have discovered your real YOU!

I love and appreciate the biography of Awen because through sufferance she has been in grade to become a successful person! And like her, you can do that as well.

I thank LibraryThing and Awen Finn  for this book.



Anna Maria Polidori

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