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The 5 Love Languages: Singles Edition The secret that will revolutionize your relationship by Gary D.Chapman

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There are more singles in America than married couples and the numbers of these people all alone for personal choice, because scared of the times and too pressed for building a career and investing in themselves than not also at the same time in love and devotion for a partner destined maybe to increase.



Plus divorced, separated people are other singles of return.



In The 5 Love Languages: Singles Edition The secret that will revolutionize your relationship by Gary D.Chapman all the answers and methods if you want to interrupt your spiral of "singletude."


Why sometimes, when the egoistical approach with life is not involved, when career is more than OK, people are not able to build a good relationship with the other sex?


Sometimes the fault must be searched in the childhood and the education given by the parents of these children. In many cases if a man has had a mom with which he lived a strange maternal relationship, plenty of conflicts with great difficulty will be in grade to build a happy marriage and same is if problems the one with his dad.



The story of Brian I think will help most of the readers in this sense. Brian is a successful player. He is wonderful in his genre, he is as beautiful boy so surely he could have a lot of women and he could pick up the one he wants the most with great simplicity. He tried to do that but all these stories a real failure. Why this? The main surprise to Brian himself: his parents and his childhood! Yes, he told to Mr. Chapman, when he was little he lived some conflicts with his parents. His dad drunk too much and his mom depressed for reasons we can understand. The toddler and then the teenager never received a compliment from his parents but a lot of criticism and complaints.


Growing up with these bases it means that the man he became is still insecure: how to develop a good relationship also with the other sex? The fear of saying something wrong, the fear of failing, the fear of not being accepted can become real obstacles for the realization of a happy marriage/relationship and of course for the creation of a harmonic family. But, of course the therapist insisted with Brian: he had to start, and he had to start from...the beginning. "Tell to your parents that you love them. Tell them: I love you when you end your conversation with them by phone. Brian did it and not only his relationship with the parents bettered everytime they talked, but the positive approach suggested by Mr Chapman passed of course also through a new and more profound vision of his relationship and understanding with his dad and mom. This behavior after several months brought him at the next step: going out successfully with a girl. Brian's main problem was that he wasn't able to make any kind of compliment. No one had told him that he was a good boy, no one in his family remarked some skills he had and so of course he didn't know what to tell and how to tell how special that girl was to him. Thanks to Mr. Gary Chapman he learned that after all yes, love means dedication and hard work but that after all it's a mountain that can be climbed. In the book you will learn the five languages of love for singles. You will learn that love passes through two important stages and that if you arrive at the second one safely probably your relationship will continue without too many problems. You will understand how precious can be to give to a person your love, time, dedications, gifts in every sense, exploring the wrong behavior of some parents with their children, their lack of attention and for being forgiving the attitude of buying too many material gratifications. We will understand how much important is to be kind with other people. The examples brought by Mr Chapman many but the one I love a lot the one of a girl. She tells to a friend: I want to start a diet. It's important not to put down the person but saying: If you will start a diet I am sure not only that you will lose weight but that you will succeed for sure because I know your strong character.


Suggestions, tips able to create a more loving attitude with people close to us, life and a best environment that will be in grade to change also the course of your destiny! The book will treat also the relationship with co-workers for a good and positive work-environment.


Try this book and I am sure that in a few months you won't be single anymore and your approach with life bettered!



Many thanks to NetGalley for this book.



Anna Maria Polidori

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