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The Mice of Bistrot des Sept Freres

The Mice of Bistrot des Sept Freres - Marie LeTourneau The mice of Bistrot des Sept Freres published by Tanglewood Press written and illustrated by Marie LeTourneau with Danielle Reed Baty, is a beautiful children's story. I thank Netgalley for it.

Pictures researched, with a special aristocratic touch to my point of view.

The story is this one: Once upon a time there was a place (Paris) populated only by mices. They were like humans so, our society, plenty of shops, stores etc. One of these ones was a wonderful bistrot: The Bistrot des Sept Frère Chef Marcel. The chef has seven sons and one daughter Petite Michelle. This chef goes proud for something: he won per years and years a special prize, the one of, can you guess what? Best Cheese Soup of all the France. At least, you know mices falls in love for cheese and France is a Cheese Paradise with wagons and wagons of varieties of all sort.

But what happens? Well, something pretty embarrassing: Chef Marcel uses for this special Cheese Soup a special ingredient. No other one of his family or friends knows the secret ingredient but he goes in panic when he receives a telegrams saying:

"Cher Chef Marcel, (Cher is for Dear in Francais, voilà!),
it is that time of year again.
French Culinary Judge Alfred Le Whisk
will arrive at your bistro
to taste your famous cheese soup
on the 2nd of June,
at one o'clock sharp,
Best regards as ever.

The Committe for the Best Cheese Soup in All of France"

Panic sounded a word literally too little and insignificant for trying to understand what happened at Chef Marcel.

The man, ops, sorry, mice, didn't have in fact the secret ingredient!!!
Just her little Petite Michelle, the latest one of his children will help him, the secret ingredient will be add and Judge Le Whisk satisfied after very stressing days! of palpitations.
And of course Chef Marcel won't forget this time Petite Michelle.
Not anymore...

Absolutely beauty, funny for the chaos eheheh, and cute!

I thank Netgalley for this funny children's book!