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Highly Sensitive People in an Insensitive World: How to Create a Happy Life

Highly Sensitive People in an Insensitive World: How to Create a Happy Life - Ilse Sand, Elisabeth Svanholmer Are there many highly sensitive people in this insensitive world? Who are them and how can they resist at the various stressing situations that they will meet along their life?

Ilse Sand in his newest book: Highly sensitive people in an insensitive world -How to create a Happy Life - published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers will answer these questions and many more.

When a person is very sensitive can lives in a condition of biggest stress respect to someone else with proper life- anti corps.

You mustn't imagine that people living in this human condition are few. All the opposite. Maybe most of us.

This expression, highly sensitive person explains the author is pretty new and introduced for classifying anxious, stressed people.

Are you anxious? A bit depressed and introvert? Neurotic?

Do you have low self-esteem? Have you got some difficulties in socializing? You can be a highly sensitive person. Welcome in this numerous club of people.

The sensitive person can be stressed for little things, recovering his/her energy slowly in comparison to a "normal" person.

Highly sensitive people are unable sometimes to cope with life, people and events.

This book will help them to living a plenty and beautiful life.

Moderation to the author Ilse Sand the best word to adopt.
A sensitive person will be mentally tired with more simplicity than a normal subject.

She/he will need more rest than another one, she/he won't be in grade to stay in company with a lot of people for a long time because she/he absorbs more mental energy.

Some people can be cause of more stressing than other ones for the highly sensitive person because he/she absorb their energy.

It's important to be surrounded by good people as reminds the author.

The highly sensitive person in fact needs to rest for a longer time because too much stressed by life in general.

The author's advices? Better to leave, better to use some common sense. Better not using too much energy.

Ilse Sand thinks that maybe a solitary life is the best solution for a highly sensitive person although it's not excluded of course (let's hope!) an union.

Surely the partner must respect the times more lazy and the mood sometimes not always at the top of the partner.

Sensitive people in general are ambitious and they want to live their life at the best. When this situation can't be possible they start to fall depressed feeling low self-esteem. A psychological therapy of support suggests the author can be good.

It's important to remind that perfection doesn't exist and that although it can be true sometimes our plans not the ones we hoped at first, this existence must be lived at the fullest.

The highly sensitive person should take care of himself/herself in a daily base, cuddling himself/herself.

A good bath, music, painting, creativity...

You will find plenty of activities and advices that Ilse Sand will share with you for living a happiest and relaxing life during your spare time.

Yes because the highly sensitive people are special human being.

For this reason but also for their past experiences - see at the voice: childhood - they can live with difficulty the present.

The author suggests, considering anyway the good character of these people and so the opportunistic friends that they can accumulate thanks to their good heart (they don't love to be angry and they don't search for conflicts) to become more selfish in the good sense of the word.

When a highly sensitive person thinks that it is too tiring to accomplish a friend asking for a favor he/she must speak and tell that maybe it's not the case to do this favor all the times. If that specific friend is a real friend will stay.
It's important to take care of ourselves, says the author first of all.

Enjoy this book plenty of advices, sunny and wise proposals for a good life!

A great joy to read this book thanks to netgalley.com.