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The Truth Is Beyond Belief!

The Truth Is Beyond Belief! - Jerry A. Durr The Truth Is Beyond Belief - Some thoughts to make you think about the power of your thoughts - released by Publish Green is the latest book by Jerry Durr. As also told by the author this book wants to be an inspiration for who need some words of encouragement, or just some good inspirational words. Discovering ourselves, who we are, why we are on this Earth and our purpose in our life one of the best thing we can do for staying always focused on our existence. Happily.

Thoughts can be powerful in positive and negative measures. We can develop negative thoughts, able to capture the most destructing part of ourselves, as we can develop wonderful beautiful thoughts able to give a positive imprint to our life, because positive thoughts attracts other positive thoughts and the materialization of these thoughts will be wonderful facts.

Jerry Durr wants to inspire people, giving them suggestions for trying to let them appreciate the miracle of themselves.
Few chapters with great real gem of wisdom where Durr will touch many aspects of the living.

The miracle of our existence first of all. We live, as he says in the book "A spiritual experience in a physical body." A spiritual and body experience that we must try to preserve. There are many risks along this trip says the author. Thoughts and beliefs are able to separate people. Thoughts separate the visible from the invisible and sometimes we want to be separated from God and other people.. Why this? Well for many reasons. The author tells that thought is a creative patterns and each of us can become a "flexible inflexible." Our mental patterns can be the cause of illnesses.
We should try to remove all the causes of our unhappiness. If we can do that it will be possible to heal.

Most illnesses in fact are just caused by a mental process of frustration that at first will touch the psychological sphere and lately if psychologically the mind can't heal itself will become a real illness.
"Pain is physical but suffering is mental," writes the author.

We should try to see not just the sufferance that there is around us but all the beauty of this world and of our life focusing on the present without to complaining for the past or experiencing terror for an unknown remote future. Living in the present the best first act for staying more happy and relaxed.

When we will stop to have fear and negative emotions then we will start to act and think positively.

Love, Peace and Joy the three flowers to cultivate in our garden of soul.

We create our reality and it can be a beautiful reality or a scaring one.

There is to remember the author adds that "We are not in the world" but "The world is in us."

Let's stop to live of illusions because illusions can imprison people. Heaven can be found but only within ourselves.

We were born with free will and destiny. Then of course during our life we have taken choices, create friendship, that obviously have created our path in this world.

The main problem of Man is that he is never satisfied. We want always more.

But what it will be important to do is to cultivate love stopping to hate.

It is a beautiful and inspiring book this one. One of the most elevated ones I read. I suggest it to you strongly if you search for some words able to keep you more tranquil. If you need a guidance and you don't know where to search for, or just if you want a self-help book able to keep your mind opened and alert about the priorities of this life.Without forgetting God and his role in our existence.

Many thanks to Netgalley for this book.