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I Found You - Lisa Jewell Another masterpiece the new book by Lisa Jewell "I found You." I am sorry for the delay, the book was released this July 14th but we are celebrating the 60 years of marriage of my mom and dad so it is hectic time and I read less. Yesterday I read this book. I couldn't put it down. The story absorbed me completely.

I found it captivating and genial. Is it a love-story? Yes of course it is, but, not a common one, and not wanted after all by some protagonists, if you understand what I want to say. It's a story of destiny, of a casual encounter.

The book is "divided in three sections" in which Lisa Jewell will give voices to the various, diversified characters.

In one of them the story of Alice, in the second the one of Lily, in the third... 1993.

Past will be another great protagonist creating a a great connection with the present. A present that is the echo of the past. A present compenetrated by the past. A present that can't find peace if the demons of the past won't be defeated in particular if they return on the surface.

This book is harmonic, intriguing and perfect if you want to search not just for a love-story but for something else. If you want, in synthesis to read a book with a good end, but able to leave you with something more than just an old-fashioned great happy end.

I found you in fact will let you think a lot and Alice, Frank, Lily, Carl, Tony, the journalist, the policewoman won't disappear at the horizon immediately after you will close this book.

The beauty of Lisa Jewell's books is this one. They remain.

The story starts with Alice. Alice, 41 mother of 3 children generated by three different men, single, three dogs as ulterior companion.

The other story the one of Lily, an Ukrainian girl of 21 just afforded from two couple of weeks in London with her mature husband of 41 years. An idyllic love-story. Carl is wonderful, tender, a man every woman would desire, plenty of attentions.

One night, though, he doesn't return home after work.
Lily, worried, goes at the local police-station for trying to discover if they can start to search for her husband. At first as always happens, the policewoman thinks that maybe Lily is too worried. Carl can be everywhere. Maybe he is in a café drinking a beer with a friend or who knows where with someone else?

At the same time Alice, she lives in a beautiful British countryside, finds a solitary man, close to the sea. He is in a meditative state and he seems to be absent. He doesn't remember anything, he doesn't remember who he is. He doesn't know where he wanted to go, who he is, why he is there and if he is searching for some answers.

Alice although her children are skeptical and think that their mom is too much imprudent gives him hospitality. Also her friends are skeptical as well. Alice sounds too opened. And if this man is a modern Jack the Ripper? She can't know who this mysterious man she starts to call Frank is, but Alice knows he is a good man. And that she can trust him. She knows it.

He is nice, he is polite. He is attractive and Alice finds attraction for him...

At the same time Lily lives another horror. Yes, because if at first that policewoman didn't want to help her because still too soon for doing anything once activated the procedure for searching for mr. Carl Monroe, police discovers that this man doesn't exist. The name is fake, his identity bought somewhere for who knows which hidden reasons. Maybe her adorable Carl a terrible criminal.

"Who did I marry?" thinks devastated young Lily, all worried and desperate. She trusted this man, she trusted Carl or whoever this man's name was, and she knew that he loved her, although there were also dark sides she discovered with terror...

The third section of the book dedicated at a special year: 1993.

A crucial year where a girl starts a relationship with a boy. The brother didn't approve this relationship and the girl still young pretty skeptical will try to move on from him. The consequences of this reject but also friendship and nonacceptance, a party with the use of drugs able to alter the perception of reality the theater of terrible facts with repercussion also in present times and as always happen change of destinies of people involved in this story.

Sorry but I won't tell you more in this sense because the story is too precious for being revealed and the heart of the entire book.

When you think that Lisa Jewell has sorted out the dilemma in a certain way, you must change again your mind. Jewell is able to change cards various times during the narrative process.

I can classify the new book by Lisa Jewell as the book of "Man's return" in every sense.

We all know what it means to live shocking experiences. In general we remove them completely from our mind. Sometimes the phantoms from the past re-appear at the horizons re-creating again the past horror. We should ask: is it possible to construct, although the mind removed everything, an existence in the while? Because the soul heavily touched by these facts...And is it possible to forgive?

Thematics of this book profound. When you will pick up this book, you won't just pick up a wonderful love-story but a book about lost, memory, love, friendship, devotion, trust, research, hidden secrets buried in the past.
Because as often we know, reality is just apparently the one we are seeing and the one we are living in.

I suggest to you this book immensely. Lisa Jewell is in grade to give body and soul to all her protagonists with another wonderful masterpiece of love and life, pretty psychological but with the proper lightness as well.

Many thanks for the mention of Johnny Depp, captain Jack Sparrow and Pirates of the Caribbean22_19

Being a great fan of Johnny, immensely grateful! ;-)

I thank so much Netgalley and the publisher for this book.