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All-Butter ShortDead (Prequel: Oxford Tearoom Mysteries ~ Book 0)

All-Butter ShortDead (Prequel: Oxford Tearoom Mysteries ~ Book 0) - H.Y. Hanna It's a wonderful, sunny, funny and bubbling book All-Butter ShortDead (Prequel: Oxford Tearoom Mysteries ~ Book 0) by H.Y. Hanna and published by Wisheart Press.

At first what attracted me the most was the cover, beautiful, surely sunny and enthusiastic, with an inviting smiling cat that seems to ask to the reader: "Do you want to read this story where am I in? It's great," a teapot, a little pile of books, a slice of cake, scones and biscuits, a fuming cup of tea with a biscuit on it, and behind these elements, Oxford.

I wasn't wrong.

What I love the most of this book, I have still finished to read it, it is the freshness of the narration and the writing-style.
There are no boring times, substantially it's the perfect book everyone wish to dream plenty of funny adventures lived by the protagonist able to make the difference, without forgetting humorous treats and unforgettable characters like the Old Billies, four friends of Gemma's mom able to make the difference in the big problem Gemma would have fall once back home.

The story is this one.
Gemma is back from Sydney Australia.
She decides to give up with her old life for starting a tea room in UK, Oxford precisely.
During the long flight, close to her a lady, Jenn Murray. Gemma tries to make friendship with the lady, one day is long spent in solitude and without chats, killing the time indispensable. Jenna is confused, she doesn't want to answer her questions and love to drink a lot of alcohol.

Once they arrive, Gemma notices that the lady forgot her scarf on the airplane. OK she thought grabbing it, she would have called her later. She knew where she would have spent her holidays: at a very good and prestigious realities in Cotswold. Gemma in the while is welcomed by all her mom's old friends, including her baby-sitter, by her old schoolmates and she is back to her old life.

The evening of the restitution of the scarf, Jenn is assassinated.

Gemma will be the one who, firstly, will be suspected and the bank doesn't want to give her anymore the money for opening her tea room considering the reputation discovered thanks to some newspapers. Maybe Gemma was the lover of Jenn. Maybe Jenn was assassinated for jealousy.

Which is the truth?

Thanks also to the old friends of her mom, a panic attack, a cup of tea and some biscuits, Gemma will discover a truth no one would have suspected of.

Brilliant, quick, plenty of humor and good sense, very well written, few characters and all very focused, nice and funny, a great suggestion for your reading.

I thank Netgalley for this book!