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Becoming Andy Warhol

Becoming Andy Warhol - Nick Bertozzi, Pierce Hargan Becoming Andy Warhol a book written by New York Times bestselling writer Nick Bertozzi and artist Pierce Hargan is the beautiful, captivating graphic novel of the first steps of this pop artist in the environment. It will be published by Abrams at the beginning of October.

Black, white and purple the colors used for this graphic novel divided in chapters. You will find it surely interesting.

Andy Warhol has been the most known artist of pop art of XX century and the most venerated icon of the sector, inspiration for hundreds of painters and creatives. What a wonderful portrait of this young man!

No sure why I have always had the impression Warhol had to be a hard man. In this book a completely different character. Sometimes a shy person, pretty introvert, in love for his mom, an enthusiast of his work.

His visions different from the creations of the past decades, at the beginning misunderstood.
Maybe the idea of buying a piece of art of a suicide not so attracting...
With the time Warhol abandoned the idea of painting. He loved to use pictures, manipulating them, pressing them, coloring them (remember the famous painting of Marylin Monroe?) for create art.

Warhol and his art recognized in every corner of the world.

This graphic novel is very beauty because it doesn't give the idea of the immensity of this talent but the one of a young boy called Andy, who, with all himself wanted to arrive. It's a fresh, young, funny graphic novel.

The book concludes the adventures of young Andy Warhol with the creation of the Thirteen Most Wanted Men mural for the 1964 World's Fair. This work launched him in the Olympus of the most known artists and painters of the XXth century.
All the rest is known...

I thank NetGalley and Abrams for this book.