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Tree Houses Reimagined: Luxurious Retreats for Tranquility and Play

Tree Houses Reimagined: Luxurious Retreats for Tranquility and Play - Blue Forest, E. Ashley Rooney Who, when little didn't want a tree house? Freedom, a corner just for us, unavailable to everyone, where we could have put our own world? Books, journals, pictures? It was I remember one of my biggest desires and dreams. When I read in various children's books, mostly Americans of course, of tree houses I thought: "Oh, if I could have one..."

Trees houses with the time have continued to fascinate me for their peculiarity: they're not common houses.

When I noticed this book Tree Houses Reimagined - Luxurious Retreats for Tranquility and Play - written by Blue Forest & E. Ashley Rooney, by Schiffer Publishing Ltd I didn't hesitate a second and I asked to Netgalley to view, read and review it.

Oh, it is for sure a dreaming, relaxing, wonderful, special book.

It is a pleasure to me to suggest and warmly recommend you this book for a special occasion and as a precious gift to someone in love with the beauty of nature and these exclusive tree houses taken in consideration.

Yes, because in this case dear reader, you mustn't imagine the old dear nice, but rudimental tree house of the past.
No: this ones are real luxuries estates, and I guess also very expensive, built in many places of the world, UK, Africa...

Sophisticated, plenty of fantasy, some of them, twenty-eight in total are inspired by fairy-tales, other by villages like Sleepy Hollow, other ones been built because someone requested them for creating yoga structures. Exclusive places where to find some relaxation dedicated to all that people who want to restore their soul and their body after a stressing year.

Some of these tree houses are simply like suspended between sky, water and trees. Shockingly beauty.

Published by Blue Forest & E. Ashley Rooney the book will be released this 28 September and it is a perfect gift for Christmas as well.