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Big Bad Breakfast: The Most Important Book of the Day

Big Bad Breakfast: The Most Important Book of the Day - John Currence The South of the USA.
The first words when I think at these States of the USA: robust food, warm, sweet tea, lemonades, lazy times.

I have had the privileged for many years of spending time with a Kentuckian family located at just a mile and half from my house in the italian countryside and what I miss the most is the warm and great hospitality that they also brought to our area.

The first time I tasted an American sweet chocolate cookie thanks to them. A Paradisiac recipe.

Later I discovered the banana bread one of my favorite recipes, the pound cake.

What I appreciate the most of the Southerner desserts but in general of all the US desserts is that you can't fail when you bake them and this is encouraging also for someone like me not precisely a baker like the author is.

The South, we all know love to cuddle its people. If you look around it's all sweet. Sweet tea, sweet lemonade, honey cake...

It's a pretty robust food this one proposed by John Currence, in his book Big Bad Breakfast -The most important book of the Day - published by Ten Speed Press at the beginning of September.

He shares all his possible, authentic southerner enthusiasm for his work and for...his beloved breakfasts.

OK: it is true. The author remarks that the times are changed also in the lazy and tranquil South. So the stereotypical idea of a wonderful breakfast spent all together, chatting and wishing to each other: "Have a good day" gone from a long long while. People prefer a quick breakfast.

Experts of all the world considers breakfast the only meal where we should indulge because our body in grade to burn all calories introduced, or most of them.

Currence tells that the South is becoming as many other places in the world in terms of quality time spent at the beginning of the day all together at home for breakfast, a moment not anymore felt by people. Sure, work, different exigencies modified old traditions.

Currence explains in the book he opened many restaurants, BBB during the years in the South of the USA and his biggest dream would have been the one of create a special happy meal, the Breakfast Basket way for keeping a tradition alive with great food able to bring joy and happiness because breakfast is the most important and crucial moment of the day, but without any success.

The author will share with all of us in this wonderful cookbook of Southerners recipes able to let you put weight on just reading it, all the possible foods created for being shared, baked, cooked during breakfast.

Starting from the sweet recipes, passing through the power of eggs and their use in kitchen for creating a special and robust breakfast, and the idea of eating breakfast for...dinner with other special recipes, you will find all the necessary for comforting your soul, you...belly! and the ones of all your loved ones.

Every recipe is accompanied by its story. It can be an anecdote of Currence's family or the story of the recipe itself, because as we all know every recipe has a story behind and it is born for a special reason.

This book is for you if you love Big Bad Breakfast, this book is for you if you do care for your special ones, this book is for you if you want to present something special, if you want to bake wonderful dishes for breakfast, if you want that your breakfast can be remembered as a memorable moment from your children and grand-children and if you want to keep alive the tradition of breakfast.
This book is for you if you simply love life and you want to share it with everyone you love!

Thanks to NetGalley! for this book.