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Bird Magic: Wisdom of the Ancient Goddess for Pagan and Wiccans

Bird Magic: Wisdom of the Ancient Goddess for Pagan and Wiccans - Sandra Kynes Beautiful, enchanting, magical. It's this and much more Bird Magic by Sandra Kynes published by Llewellyn Publications.

It's a powerful story of the Bird Goddess and the meaning of birds for culture all along the centuries. A wonderful study very appreciated by me, because it touched the most important cultures, from Greek to Latins passing through Egyptians, Celts, and many more other cultures.

What you can find in the book? Without to discovering too much of course this one is a book for a true believer. Believer of what? Of course of the power of the Bird Goddess and the messages able to be communicated by birds during our life.

The bird as goddess has always been represented in ancient times starting from the Prehistoric, Neolithic, when in caves men and women loved to represent little figurines of a Bird Goddess. With the time also The Egyptian with Isis gave to this Goddess the shape of a bird, like also Greek and other remarkable old cultures as the Indian one or the Celtic culture where the raven the crow and the eagle the God Lugh. Later Christianity represented with a dove symbol of peace the bird. Why all this interest for Bird?

Because substantially a bird has always been read as magical by man. A bird is able to flying, a characteristic unknown by man. We can fly thanks to airplanes, but we are not free to go where we would want to go just by ourselves.
A bird can goes in many places seeing the world under a complete and different aspect. A bird is a messenger. Remember when people used to send letters through pigeons?

Shamanism loved to use birds for traveling between the world. Many cultures loved to wearing also pieces of birds' bones (and feathers)because it was known that the force of bones could be renewed wearing them. A sparkle of the force the divine bird had had could sparkle also into a man.

I also remember Romans loved to watch birds for good luck. Romolo and Remo followed this tradition. Romolo would have become the first King of Rome as predicted by birds.

Wonderful reconstruction of all the old history of the Bird Goddess, later Kynes explains how to keep cheerfully close to us and in our garden or backyard birds. Feeders, a good attitude, will help birds to stay close to us, in particular if they notice that we are friendly. Of course nesting houses can also be helpful. It's important not just leaving food to birds during the winter-time but also during spring and summer time.

Prayers and altars for divination can of course be added for invoking the spirit of the Bird Goddess.

We all know the big tradition of hunting eggs and decorate them during the Easter Time. A joy for all family and in particular for little children.

An egg can also be decorated as a talisman, Sandra explains for various purposes like to attracting abundance. The author will explain also the history and tradition of decorating eggs.

What is an egg? An egg means fertility, potential life. An egg reminds us to the mystery of life, it's arcane. It creates questions without answers: the chicken was born before the egg? Dinosaur laid eggs. Who was born before? The dinosaurs or the eggs?
It's a mystery.

Birds are helpful for establishing a good connection with the other world and with the Bird Goddess.

Birds imagines put also in graves of children. Owls in particular had the role of protecting the dead one during his/her trip in the Other Dimension and at the same time as help for the people still alive of that family in pain.

Lilith the Divine Owl symbol of death and rebirth.

Many rituals for trying to attract the power of Bird Goddess.

The power of three as a number another wonderful chapter that I am sure will intrigue all of you in an esoterical trip that will clarify and will explain why during the centuries the number three has always been considered the perfect number for excellence.

Many exercise for visualize your bird guide.

A long portion of the book will explain you all the meaning of the most common birds and how you can use their power for attracting their potentialities.

I picked up the owl because it's two years I have owls in my barn.These year three little owls, their name Johnny, Alice and Joe, and two years ago, Gustavo.

The owl as explains very well the author is symbol of what it is unknown in the world. An owl is symbol of clairvoyance. An owl will see before us what it will happen and will prepare us. The force of the obscurity able to let see to them also the unknown, putting a clear connection and a bridge between these two worlds and dimensions, between light and obscurity, known and unknown, present and future.

An owl can be symbol of death but also or rebirth .

When I tell you that I suggest you warmly this book it's because your money will be very well spent.

Not only there is a complete list of American birds, but there is the entire story of the Bird Goddess and the meaning of birds for all the ancient and recent cultures, and trust me when I tell you that, accurate, serious and profound.

A bird is not a just a bird. A bird is a messenger of God, of the Divinity of our superior Force, because we are not alone.
A bird means always something. If a bird will stop by close to you just listen.
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