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Pope Francis Takes the Bus, and Other Unexpected Stories

Pope Francis Takes the Bus, and Other Unexpected Stories - Rosario Carello Pope Francis Takes the Bus, and Other Unexpected Stories by Rosario Carello published last First July by Franciscan Media is truly enchanting exactly like enchanting is our new Bishop of Rome and guide of the Catholic Church Francis or Father Jorge Bergoglio, from Argentina.

He is an extraordinary human being, Francis a man completely integrated with the folk and the poor and more a person is poor and more he will love him/her.

In this book many anecdotes if you still don't know Francis from the A to the letter... Z.

His integrity can't be discussed.

Once elected archbishop of Buenos Aires he avoided to going at the big mansion reserved at the new archbishop, Olivos, but preferred to stay in the Curia, in central Buenos Aires so that he could breath the city and the problematic of people.

Compassionate once a lady stopped by there for talking to him. She was very poor, she had had seven children with two different men and they had to be still baptized. She didn't have money for everything. Bergoglio helped her to organize a good feast and a good moment for her children and her friends and family.

Francis love Borges and Holderlin.

He fell in love for a girl. He was still in seminary and well he experienced his week on the clouds before to take an important decision.

Explained why he lost one of his lungs, how he communicated the news he wanted to become priest to his parents.

Fr. Bergoglio doesn't live as we all know in Vatican but at Santa Martha and everyday he says a morning mass opened to people where he loves to talk of the current events and the problematic of Church with the linearity, simplicity we discovered as main treat of his character.

Francis is frugal. He doesn't eat a lot, but he is a good cook when necessary, he had a special talent for chemistry at school and he loved to help other children when they needed some help.

Patient and compassionate, go for this joyous book where it will be revealed all you need to know and more, of this so beloved Pope.

Perfect for everyone, for a gift, for being read and re-read in family.