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The Art of Success: What No One Ever Taught You (But You Still Need to Know)

The Art of Success: What No One Ever Taught You (But You Still Need to Know) - James Melouney The art of success: What No One Ever Taught You (But You Still Need to Know) by James Melouney read thanks to Booksgosocial is one of the most intense self-help book in circulation.
The author with the help of many quotations from inspiring people, politicians, authors, experts, saints, all famous and and mainly successful human being will try to explain us how to better our existence for living as the author specifies: "In the art of success."

Seven pillars and a Foundation: the acceptance of ourselves, our potentialities, our reality.

In the first pillar: Perceive the world

We must perceive the world correctly and we must keep our life stimulating. There is always opportunity in adversity and growth in challenge. Perception creates reality. We must be optimistic about future.

Pillar 2: Always strive to growth.

Success is about what you become. Discomfort very often helpful for our personal growth. Miss a meal says the author but don't miss self-development. How many books did you read this year? How much do you take care of your health? Did you improve? Invest, says the author in your life. You attract who you are. There is no limit for learning .
The author suggest of studying your life, successes and future for understand what to do with success. Plus: don't stop your education at a formal one.

Pillars 3: set your goal then plan and execute.

Begin with an introspective work, writes the author. Who are you? Where do you want to go in life? What do you desire?
A plan once understood these priorities is not so difficult or too much complex. Personal development, spirituality, health. Always remember says the author that dreams are persisting.
"Your mind must be read as a dream."

Melouney adds that we should plan our life as we plan the things everyday we want to put in the wardrobe.
You must act for the success.

Pillar 4: Understand success and failure.

Success means create the life of our dreams. Health, wealth,relationship, spirituality. Living a balanced life affirms the author means also to live a successful existence.
A person can also be a hardworking for an entire life but never reach the steps he wanted to reach. Why this?
Work on you suggests the author.
A lot of people have poor control on their minds.
Other ones although know very well that they should be working are distracted.Try to become a good thinker.
The author remembers that failure most of the time work for us and not against us.

Pillar 5: Embrace change

And now try to change. If there is a change on yourself that should be made try to change yourself, but as the author says no one can change you, you must change with determination all alone. Change begin with awareness says the author and then start to change the world.

Pillar 6: Work well with others and true leadership

We must learn to work well with other people. Working together synonymy of understanding and forgiveness. Help others.

Pillar 7: See the Big Picture

Life is imperfect, there are joys, tragedies and most of the time many things in our life are out of our control.Life is a mix of challenge but always be optimistic, the final message of Mr. Melouney.