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The Courage to Be Creative: How to Believe in Yourself, Your Dreams and Ideas, and Your Creative Career Path

The Courage to Be Creative: How to Believe in Yourself, Your Dreams and Ideas, and Your Creative Career Path - Doreen Virtue Doreen Virtue, in her latest book published by Hay House this time focused on one of the most important words existing in this world: creativity. A world without creative people, creative souls would be a world less rich of art, movies, books, music, ideas and every other kind of art.
Her new book: The courage to be creative - How to believe in yourself, Your Dreams and Ideas and Your Creative Career Path - wants to encourage everyone to be creative.
But first of all: who is a creative person? Each of us is creative?
In general creative people suffer a lot because society at first won't never recognize them the proper role in the world. Being creative sometimes means be neurotic or sometimes weird, or having positions and thoughts other people can consider pretty "eccentric" for using an euphemism. Sometimes creative people are addicted. Drugs, alcohol, if they can't develop their creativity and sometimes they suffer of bipolar disorder.
So creativity can be synonym of sufferance?
Sometimes yes because the real creative lives isolated and misunderstand from the world.
Doreen explains she suffered condition of isolation, bullied at school because her friends didn't understand her but, after all, she writes ironically she is now a best-selling author. After all being creative and passing little hell has been great! and the best revenge.
Doreen analyzes in her book the various aspects of the creative process and how you should be more creative.
Acceptance of being a creative soul the first condition for healing and then of course, putting creativity at service of humanity.
Not that everyone will become a genius like most people of cinemas or literature are, says Doreen Virtue, but it will be indispensable to put creativity in motion so that everyone will notice your process of healing through creativity.
Taken in considerations also the various sad aspects, powerful factors, able to interrupt the creativity process. Let's say that procrastinate: "I will do later", or "I will write a book because I want to make money," can be dangerous voices in our head and Doreen says that in the second case God can take back all your talent.
Creativity doesn't mean manipulation. Creativity means to stay clean and to put out who you are.
But is it indispensable to write a book, a script, for being classified as a creative person?
No, because creativity means also developing original ideas able to change the perspective of our world: sorting out a problem seeing it under a complete different way.
Doreen in the book will give a lot of suggestions to the reader for developing with success creativity and for avoid the classic blocks and problems and enemies that can interfere with the creative process.
A space for yourself. Being surrounded by things you love, music, sounds and where possible to use all the possible materials for re-discover your inner child.
The main advice: create and not procrastinate. Don't wait for time that maybe tomorrow you won't have because differently busy. Do it now. Write down and don't think but feel and continue to write. Don't work with a rational soul but with a passionate soul.
Some chapters dedicated to the creatures I love the most: angels with a special chapter to the Unicorns.
The writer remembers like the power of God and Jesus can be helpful and inspiring.
A suggestion: not to lose time checking e-mails social media too often during the day. It's best to give time to yourself and your creativity.
The book is this and much more and in these chapters you will find new strategies for developing a good creative path starting to live a wonderful and much more colored life.
I loved very much the cover of this book. Inspiring and inviting like a creative life is!

Many thanks to netgalley.com