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The Lonely Teddy Bear

The Lonely Teddy Bear - Chelsea Radojcic This remarkable book written by Chelsea Radojcic, The Lonely cover92860-medium Teddy Bear is about reality, our perception of reality and the real self.

What kind of reality and world do we choose for ourselves?

Who is a stranger? Or better: who can be a stranger we meet along our way and we treat as our brother?

Our perception of the world and the beauty of it, if we are not good people would change when we look at a pot of flowers, a wonderful sunset, or at the poeticity of the world? A strong lack of humanity brings with it horror or in the scheme of things a soul can accept the big discrepancies and divisions existing into ourselves, accepting also the beauty, relaxing part of the living as a biggest scheme?
Maybe, sometimes for compensating the horror of the reality?

Can a man with a heart like a stone feels the beauty of the world?

It's an impressive, captivating story from the beginning The Lonely Teddy Bear.

I started to read it yesterday and in a few hours I completed it.

The first part, bucolic. This man Jink is missing a lot Janie, a girl, it will be explained later, with which he lived when she was still a kid and that she should be 18 years old now. Still unclear why he lived with this kid. At first, with terror, you think this world and the other, of course.

It's 8 years that he doesn't see her and he is missing her a lot.

He starts a trip, discovering various people, Sam, a past as a veteran and his choice of living in a tent. Jink will join him for a long while. Then Amber a girl with a sad past of abuses, and a dad often too drunk for being present and good for all of them.

Then a nice couple who will feed and give hospitality to Jink for months and months before he will leave them and the memories of their beloved son Jimmy dead in war, behind.

His works at a bar and he knows the young waiter...

You will love all the characters Jink will meet along the way because they're all beautiful souls.

I had recently read a book about "famous" couples like the ones portrayed in this book. The one of Jink and later Janie. Strong situations.

The life of Jink appears perfect although limited by windows. He doesn't want to look at the world through windows but take action. That's why he leaves his idyllic Yellow House for searching for Janie.

The style is shockingly interesting, because when you think you are reading a certain kind of book, later you will discover that you have in your hands something completely different.

But...This one is a book that for creativity and geniality is able to make the difference and I warmly suggest it to all of you.

The cover is beautiful, and it attracted me from the first time and it was why I picked up this book at first. I was right because you can't put it down for any reason but you must discover what will happen next.

It is a reading for adults only. I strongly exclude or suggest it for teenagers.

I thank Netgalley for this book.