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Why I March Images from the Women's March around the world

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I remembered I saw many pictures of the march of January 21st from my smartphone the day after. It was amazingly beauty.

My friend Meg, aunt Bobbie from Memphis, Marie-Louise from California, different part of the USA different personal histories of these three women, but all united, in their 20, 70s and 40s for fighting. Fighting for women's and people's rights and mainly against Donald Trump's ideas.

5 million of people in 82 countries of the world protested against the new course of the world wanted by the new President of the USA.

Why I March Images from the Women's March around the world is a book published last February 21 by ABRAMS Books just a month after  the most important and pacific demonstrations of women that the modern history remember.

The most colored one, the most pacific one, the biggest one, the most united one. Women of the entire world, of all the possible skin color, religion, faith, united for a pacific protest.
The movement of the Women's March involved all the Planet, Antarctica included! Did you imagine it?

All royalties of this book it's important to remark it, donated to nonprofits affiliated with the march.

Why marching? And why is it important to continue to protest?

First of all because we are women and only women can change the head and the mind of a man. In this case the president of the USA.
A too much ambitious project this one?
No, because we, women have  powers unthinkable for a man. We give  life at this world with new children, we educate them. We are culturally different and more strong than men under many aspects.

That's why if a miracle is possible it will pass through all of us and our determination.

In this stunning beautiful, colored book plenty of great  pictures by Getty Images, the souls of  many participants in every corner of the Globe.

As said by Tamika Malory in the book: "When you feel that we are not taking care of one another properly, put your feelings aside, put your pride aside, and stand up for the most marginalized people in this society. Because if you stand for them, you stand for all."

Clear also why the Women's march organized in the entire world the day after the Election Day with a massive success and a biggest participation than not during the Election Day for example in Washington: Donald Trump wants to create a world closed to immigration, closed to novelties, closed to a good sanitary system, closed to many rights conquered by various minorities after long fights during the Obama's administration.

Angela Davis in the book: "...The Women's March represent the promise of feminism as against the pernicious powers of state violence. An inclusive and intersectional feminism that calls upon  all of us to join the resistance to racism, islamophobia, to anti-Semitism, to misogyny, to capitalist exploitation."

From the various pictures...

A smiling pic of a lady in a wheelchair holding this: "Not usually a protester, but Geez..."
Somewhere else a motto is changed: "I am no longer accepting the things I cannot change. I am changing the things I cannot accept." This new motto better than the old one I knew!

Someone suggests in colored posters to the President: "Think before you Tweet." We all know that the President loves to tweet a lot.

Other women launch an environmentalist message: "Love Mother Nature and all her creatures."

I loved this one so badly: "We are the granddaughters of the witches you could not burn."

While Washington's Women's March described Trump as narcissist Boston use the word: "Dicktator!"

A smiling young man with I guess his little daughter on his shoulder and a poster where written: "I count."

In Oregon like in Philadelphia women are more than sure that "The future is Female."

Someone is also worried for the future of press. In Los Angeles the picture of a lady: "No freedom without freedom of press."

Boston and dignity: "All Mother's Earth Creatures deserve a healthy home."

In Santa Fe a group of girls: "Fight Like a Girl."

In Miami, Florida a poster says: "I can not, I will not, I do not see a future without equality."

In the section South America, women particularly asked this: "Make America Kind Again."

South Africa: "No fascist USA" and Cape Town: "It's time for women to stop to be politely angry."

Europe thinks women should "Resist." Paris: "There is not a Planet B."
London: Rising Women, Rising World."
A suggestion for President Trump from London: "Make Love, not Walls." Barcelona, Spain: "My America welcome refugees!" London: "Make America Think Again."

In Asia: Tel Aviv: "Hate is not great."

Australia and New Zealand. From Sydney: "Feminism back by popular demand" and: "If you are not outraged you are not paying attention."

But maybe the most beautiful pictures, the one of Antarctica, because they arrive from one of the most remote part of the Planet, where women and men expressed feelings like: "Save the Planet" "Save the Whales" and "Penguins March for Peace."

What I loved the most of this march is that through these pictures I haven't seen apart I think two or three gestures I can consider rude, any impolite behavior, but the correct protest  for the future with a lot of smiles, determination and optimism.

At the end of the book you will find a lot of information, sites and resources for: free press and journalistic research, civil liberties and legal defense, education, arts, health and reproductive rights, immigration etc so that this book will start to be also an active instrument in your hands  and a powerful vehicle for continuing this march in your corner of the world for all the freedoms you think that you must fight for.

All united: Yes We Can!

I thank Abrams&Chronicle Books for the physical copy of Why I March Images from the Women's March Around the World.

Anna Maria Polidori

Source: http://alfemminile.blogspot.it