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The shape of ideas by Grant Snider

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The shape of ideas by Grant Snider, illustrator, is a book that will be published by Abrams on May 9th.
It is a comic self-help ;-)  book this one  about men, ideas and creativity.
It is the best self-help book I have ever read in my life because comically it has been in grade to give us an idea of creativity, problems connected with creativity and what can inspires us and what we should avoid. Plus I loved the wonderful illustrations, some of them just spectacular.

What is creativity? It's that process able to present to the world thanks to you something new.
It can be a new book, a new piece, a new invention.

I was impressed by the beautiful drawings, some funny, other ones meditative according to my point of view created by Mr.Snider.
In ten chapter, from inspiration, passing through improvisation, exploration and at the end pure elation, he photographed the creative process. It became always more vivid, real, not anymore a metaphor.
If necessary this book  will also clear your mind.

It's a comic book of course mainly but what comic can do, and that's why it is so powerful, is that will let you give a new motivation, a new key, it will let you think a lot because it's a pure immersion in the creative world, stimulating your ego, your passions, giving you new feedback for going on.
And it will define you, and your being creative, bautiful mind.You will recognize yourself in this book.

Many tips and advice I suggest the book to all the creative people. It can also be a great gift if you have a creative friend!

Many thanks to NetGalley and ABRAMS for this book.

Anna Maria Polidori