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The Book of Summer by Michelle Gable

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The Book of Summer  by Michelle Gable published by St. Martin's Press is called in this way because the owners of the house kept at Cliff House a book where the various guests could write their impressions during their staying.
So this one will be a story where past will be strongly connected with  present.
The story starts when Bess who lives in San Francisco, she is a doctor, returns to Nantucket with a special sad mission: convincing her mother to leave Nantucket and their beloved Cliff House, the family house forever. The house is very old and built by Bess's grandparents.
The risks too many because of an erosion that in Nantucket, realistically destroyed various houses of the exclusive locality.

Bess thought that her staying would have been relatively short but her mom Cissy doesn't want to go away from her past, her memories, her land, her people, and her past.

Slowly Bess understand that their Cliff House has always been a special place with a lot of secrets as well.
She understands it discovering and reading the famous Book of Summer of their Cliff House: a house of women and a house where a lot of destinies and facts as it happen with old houses converged there for  creating a special place populated by iconic characters.
The book spaces between present and past giving the portrait of three generation of women and as theater of  these stories a locality, Nantucket that it is simply enchanting.

I love so badly the sunny cover of this book!

Highly recommended for sure!

I thank NetGalley and St.Martin's Press for this eBook.

Anna Maria Polidori
Source: http://alfemminile.blogspot.it