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White Fur by Jardine Libaire

— feeling angry


White Fur by Jardine Libaire is out today.
There is to say that, as for the rest of the books of the group Penguin Random House, this one is a Crown publishing book, it is wonderfully written.
There is a lightness in writing-style, a sophisticated touch that I can just tell it's simply enchanting.

The story is pretty sad.
It's an encounter.
The fatal encounter able to change the existence and the destiny of two young people.
For worse.

Elise and James or Jamey are people of two completely different worlds, with different expectations and destinies, expectations "chosen" from life because of their birth.

Elise Perez  is great in love-making and it's what James Hyde find fascinating at first although there is another girl Millie in his life, but no comparison with this wild creature she met one day.

Elise lived a frustrating childhood. Can you believe it? Her first orgasm was on a bus when she was 11 years old.
She grew up in foster houses, her family pretty disconnected, she discovered sex at just 7 years and she understood it pretty soon.
No high school, very different background from the one of James.

James will become someone.
He is a junior at Yale, his family is very good, he didn't live a strained life and he is also extremely rich.

You know: I am not skeptical: sometimes it happens like when Cinderella met Prince Charming and well it was good, no?
It happens in real life as well without to disturb a classic fairy-tale but in this novel the story is pretty hard, very disturbing.

The two can't stop to love each other of a sick love and this consumption, this union, will bring devastating conclusions while James' family, obviously will try all his best for trying to interrupt this relationship and this perdition. But no, James can't stop it because Elise slowly became his only reason of life. His obsession.

Problem with love in this book is that the two protagonists are good for each other because of James's insecurities first of all. He thinks that with Elise he found his answers. You can have everything without to have nothing in your hands although your family is very good.
James thought he discovered a Paradise with Elise while he precipitated in a hell.

At the same time Elise found someone in love for her after such a nasty life and this is priceless although she is not as enchanted as Jamey is  about life. Both of them have profound wounds to cure, both of them are dysfunctional. Both of them are perfect to each other for this reason.

Their love is so immense that at a certain point they will escape away together, from everyone and everything but Jamey is in the hospital...
Elise is addicted to James and Jamey can't live without her, without to feeling that she is close to him.

The book is set in 1986-1987.

The book in its genre can be considered a jewel because these stories happen, just at the end of them invariably you feel sadness.

I didn't love the cover at all. Considering the topic pretty stressing I would have picked up something more relaxing to look at, for then falling in the reading, but dividing the moments ;-) just for giving some relaxation to the mind.

I thank NetGalley and Crown Publishing for this ebook

Anna Maria Polidori

Source: http://alfemminile.blogspot.it